Hi, this is me!
I have always been a passionate photographer, so it was just obvious image capturing would become my profession. 
That happened in 2013, when I became a student at the University of Film and Theater in Bucharest. I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts as Director of Photography, by working on “That Trip We Took with Dad” and backed up with the broad experience gained by being part of different projects outside the University. “That Trip We Took with Dad“ - a Romania, Hungary and Germany coproduction that was directed by Anca Miruna Lazarescu - was one of my greatest experiences in movie making, as part of the camera department. This peaked my interest and turned into an increasing passion for the magical world of movies. 
Many other projects followed since then and I’m proud and thankful for being part of all of them. 
I am looking forward to being part of your project too.
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